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case study: design the sales coverage models and job description

Company Profile

The Systems Business division of a $15B company.


The company had been through numerous reorganizations, with much of the sales organization in new positions. There was a need to improve capabilities in the sales organization, explain new roles and responsibilities, develop training programs for critical skills, and address serious retention and morale issues.


  • Reverse the high attrition rates
  • Improve geographical consistency to the new business model
  • Develop training programs specifically aligned to new skills requirements


  • Develop in depth job descriptions for 15 different positions, including roles, responsibilities, examples of results, skill and knowledge requirements
  • Develop curriculum map to link each job description to suggested sales development and training programs
  • Design web-based resources and development aids, including training, books, and on-the-job activities


Excellence in Practice Citation from the American Society of Training and Development.

Client Comments

"The Sales Excellence Program addressed (our) issues by providing a consistent, professional approach to field development tied to business objectives. It has resulted in improved field morale and greater sales effectiveness, specifically by providing:

  • Clarification of a new, worldwide sales coverage model and new roles and responsibilities
  • Standards of sales excellence for the industry and (our) specific sales organization
  • Web-based worldwide tools, resources and training to align individual and organizational development"

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