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Our Service Offerings
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  Channel assessment and development
  Sales and account planning
  Business Devlopment Workshops
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  Assessment of sales capabilities
  Sales development and training
  Sales management coaching and support
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  Sales Structure
  Sales Compensation and Measurement
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  Sales process and cycle
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The Sales Alliance will maximize your business growth through channel and alliance assessment and development, sales and account planning, and business development workshops.

Channel and Alliance Assessment and Development

  • Channel and Alliance Development
    • Facilitate business development sessions with key partners and sales teams.
  • Channel Strategy
    • Audit current channel strategy, both direct and indirect.
    • Evaluate customers' buying preferences.
    • Assess impact of change on our client's company, customers and existing partners and channels.
    • Provide assessment report on current strategy, review of alternatives and identification of best approaches to arrive at an integrated and successful go-to-market strategy.
  • Channel Implementation
    • Provide an implementation plan for the selected sales and channel strategy.
    • Evaluate existing company programs and processes for "fit."
    • Deliver a plan, which includes channel program rollout and implementation, including identification of key sales programs/processes that will require modification.
  • Channel Partner Performance
    • Audit existing partners, including performance, contracts, channel conflicts, market coverage, customer satisfaction, partner satisfaction, etc.
    • Provide recommendations to maximize effectiveness of specific partners or partner groups, to reduce channel conflict, and to improve partner satisfaction.
  • Partner Program Improvements
    • Audit current partner programs and recommend modifications or new programs.
    • Design new programs to improve partner effectiveness.
  • Program Management
    • Manage the implementation
    • Design and deliver training and communication on the new strategy and/or programs.

Sales and Account Planning

    • Audit current process for linking account, territory and partner planning with our client's business plan.
    • Design a sustainable process for integrated account and business planning.
    • Design automated tools and templates for planning accounts, territories, and partners/alliances. Ensure that all templates (plan, financials, and presentations) are linked to provide consistent information into the company business planning process.
    • Develop account manager job aids to support both the planning process and the account managers' on-going implementation of the process.
    • Design a program to facilitate the development, management and review of account plans and to support the planning process.
    • Design and deliver training and communication on the new planning process.
    • Deliver facilitated planning sessions.

Business Development Workshops

    • Facilitate business development sessions with key partners and sales teams.
    • Design and deliver tailored solutions to business development problems.

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