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  Channel assessment and development
  Sales and account planning
  Business Devlopment Workshops
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  Assessment of sales capabilities
  Sales development and training
  Sales management coaching and support
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  Sales Structure
  Sales Compensation and Measurement
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  Sales process and cycle
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Strengthening the sales force

The Sales Alliance will improve the effectiveness and productivity of your sales force through assessment of sales capabilities, sales development and training and sales management coaching and support.

Assessment of Sales Capabilities

  • Identify the required skills and knowledge for the sales and sales management roles.

  • Conduct a sales audit, assessing the capabilities of the sales force against pre-determined standards, such as "best practice" or job roles.

  • Design a process for the ongoing assessment of the sales force.

  • Develop tools (including web-based tools) to support the assessment process, such as manager and employee guides.

Sales Development and Training

  • Audit existing training and development programs, recommending the best alternatives to achieve desired business objectives.

  • Provide development tools (including web-based tools): Coaching Guides, Resource Guides

  • Design and deliver training and communication programs to explain the new processes and tools.

  • Develop and deliver customized training programs, with modules specific to high impact requirements identified in the Assessment phase.

Sales Management Coaching and Support

  • Deliver Sales Management Coaching training

  • Conduct one-on-one reviews with sales management to develop their coaching and performance improvement skills

  • Provide development tools (including web-based tools): Management Coaching Guides, and Resource Guides

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