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SalesScope, Inc.

Best Practices in Buyer and Seller Behavior

SalesScope, Inc is a sales consulting practice founded by Hugh MacDonald to improve a company's ability to win critical business. Among the offerings from SalesScope are:

  • Major Opportunity Win Loss Reviews — detailed analysis of how the customer made their decision, why the winner was selected, and how the selected vendor differentiated itself to win the business

  • Best Practices Workshop — A two-day workshop where attendees:
    • Learn behaviors displayed by executives in the decision-making process
    • Understand the best practices used by winning vendors
    • Develop tested and enhanced sales strategies and actions to win current opportunities.
    The workshop enables sales professionals to achieve competitive advantage by anticipating customer roles and actions ahead of the competition, thus improving their win rate.

For further information on SalesScope, call 770.889.4155

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